Dude’s Pooch Hurls Weed Out Window When He’s Pulled Over By Cops

February 17, 2011  
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“Authorities in Oregon said a man’s own ‘personal drug dog’ took a sock filled with marijuana and hashish and threw it out of his window during a traffic stop.

Sherman County sheriff’s Sgt. John Terrel said he pulled over a 1998 pickup truck with California plates just before noon Feb. 9 in Moro and noticed a sock fly out of the vehicle’s window, KGW-TV, Portland, Ore., reported Wednesday.

Terrel said the driver, identified as Joel Dobrin, 32, told him he was trying to put the sock away during the traffic stop when his dog, a pit bull mix, grabbed onto it and attempted to play a game of tug-of-war. Dobrin said said the dog managed to take the sock and tossed it out the window.”


A pit bull is going to win a tug-of-war against his master every time. If Terrel has a penchant for driving around with his pooch, he should never have hid his dope in something that looks like a dog’s chew toy. When my pit bull mix was a puppy, she loved to chew any dirty socks I left on the floor instead of in the hamper.
I hope Terrel doesn’t take out his frustration on his dog, the poor thing was just playing with his master.
The cops should confiscate the canine, and train him to be a police dog.


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