Elvis Presley Statue Sells For $20,500

August 31, 2010  
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“An Illinois man who bid $20,000 for ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich‘s Elvis statue said he was relieved to lose and soon found an identical statue for $550.
However, Bramlett said he was relieved to lose when he discovered he could purchase an identical statue for $550 from a Texas seller and similar statues with different poses for the same price.
Bramlett said his home is now adorned with two of the statues for a total $18,600 less than his bid for Blagojevich’s Elvis.
‘God looked over to me,’ Bramlett said of losing the auction.”
I wouldn’t pay a dime for a gaudy statue of Elvis Presley that was once owned by a corrupt politician. The idiot who purchased the Blago Elvis statue should bust it open, it might be chock full of illegal campaign funds.
Bramlett must not be married, no woman would allow her husband to “adorn” her house with two Elvis statues.
Bramlett claims that God was looking out for him — Baloney! If God cared about Bramlett he would cure him of his Elvis obsession.


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