Episode 4 of The Killing, ‘A Soundless Echo,’ Is the Best So Far!

April 18, 2011  
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Episode 4 of AMC`s The Killing, titled A Soundless Echo, is even better than the first 3 parts. It continues with three threads of plot, the two detectives, Rosie`s family, and the developments of Darren Richmond`s, campaign running for mayor of Seattle. All of it was shocking, but the developments with Stan Larsen caused me to lift out of my chair!

Sterling Fitch, Rosie`s best friend, seems to know much more than she`s letting on? It appears as if she was dressed up as Rosie on the night of the murder, and actually saw Rosie leave the school party. But where did Rosie go? Detective Holder is following up on Rosie`s suspicious movements on Bus 103, where she would depart, even during school hours.

Like the scene where Mitch and Stan meet with a priest to plan Rosie`s funeral. The priest says: “Your daughter is with God now, Mrs. Larsen?” Mitch questions where was God when Rosie was left alone with her predator? And what about that letter Sarah found in Rosie`s room? I`m having to rewind the tape to try to read the letter. And now Bennett Ahmed is coming into the picture more clearly.


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