Ex-Lax Cookies Anyone?

April 26, 2011  
Filed under Weird Stuff

“A Wisconsin woman accused of giving laxative-laced cookies to her college professor was ordered to pay a $300 fine.

Becky Riiser, 38, of Wausau, pleaded no contest Thursday to three misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges and was fined after prosecutors agreed to reduce the original felony charge of placing a foreign object in food, the Wausau Daily Herald reported Monday.

It was supposed to be a stupid, practical joke, Riiser wrote in a January 2010 apology letter.”


Only a very sadistic individual would find any humor in a prank that results in the victim suffering from diarrhea. This was not a practical joke, it’s a crime.

I can understand a high school kid pulling a demeaning stunt like this, but it’s unforgivable for a 38-year old woman to do such a mean thing.

I hope Riser is sentenced to a few days in jail, and I pray that she will get diarrhea from the jail food.


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