Frozen Turkey Seized From Airline Passenger

December 31, 2010  
Filed under Weird Stuff

Officials at an airport in the Welsh capital said a 10-pound frozen turkey was seized from the carry-on bag of a passenger headed for Spain.

Cardiff Airport officials said the turkey was taken and the man was told perishable foodstuffs are not allowed on international flights without official permission, The Sun reported Thursday.


I’m traveling to Spain, let’s see what do I need to put in my carry-on bag? Toiletries, a good book, a couple of snacks, and oh yes, a frozen turkey!

The guy thought “no harm, no fowl”, it’s just a bird. But a frozen turkey can be a formidable weapon. I’d rather face-off against a man brandishing a bat than a dude with a frozen turkey.

Dear Lord, what a turkey, the dude should have been kicked to the curb.


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