Gold Tooth Stops Bullet

February 23, 2011  
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“New Orleans police said a man who was shot by his brother was spared serious injury or death when the bullet bounced off his gold tooth.
Police said Waltdell Davis, 20, used a .22-caliber Smith and Wesson revolver to shoot his brother, Walter Davis, 22, after an argument about Walter smoking his younger brother’s marijuana, The (New Orleans) Times-Picayune reported Wednesday.
Walter was struck in the upper lip and doctors at Interim Louisiana State University Public Hospital said all they found was a bullet fragment near his left nostril. Paramedics said the victim told them the bullet ricocheted off his gold tooth.”
Pot smokers are mellow and laid-back, it’s hard to believe that a dude shot his own brother because he suspected him of smoking his weed. 
Gold teeth are gaudy and in bad taste, but I guess it’s better to look like a fool than to be dead. If it wasn’t for his gold tooth Walter would be dead. 
Walter is a true pot head, he forgives his brother and doesn’t want to press charges against him.
While his brother is in jail, I hope that Walter’s smokes his stash of weed. 


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