“Here`s a man who would not take it anymore.”

November 30, 2009  
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taxi driver poster“He`s a prophet and a pusher, partly truth, partly fiction-a walking contradiction.” The Pilgrim, Chapter 33-Kris Kristofferson

Betsy (Cybill Shepherd) is reminded of that song when she is having coffee with Travis Bickle (Robert DeNiro). Yesterday was a rainy, cloudy day, so I stayed in and watched Taxi Driver on Netflix. To my surprise, it was Bernard Hermann who did the music for Martin Scorsese`s shocking film. Hermann died before the film was released, which was on February 8, 1976.

New York is a very different city today than it was in 1975. The footage captures the streets in a more decayed state, as Travis coasts solemnly in his yellow cab. But listen to the cool soundtrack, with I believe a soprano saxophone, carrying the main theme, as Bickle gradually morphs to madness. The music is cool and jazzy, while Travis is anything but cool.

In the final scene of violence, when the bad guy, Sport, gets his just deserve, listen for the pounding kettle drums Taxi Driver Jodie(maybe its timpani drums) as the mohawked Bickle engages in the dramatic shootout, that he was always longing for. The ending can be interpreted in two completely different ways. Which way do you take it? (Read Roger Ebert`s thoughts on this wiki page).

Finally, this film was conceived from a diary of an assassin. It then, in turn, puts some crazy ideas in the head of another assassin want to be. Sometimes Art holds a mirror up to truth, but more infrequently, Art actually influences the outcome of history (truth). Chew on that… That floppy hat of Jodie Foster (Iris) amazes me. And the seedy gun dealer has long hair? Unfair!

Martin makes us deal with some very heavy issues here. Troubling yes, but necessary… Drop the Tiger story. It`s nothin`…but emptiness…study the floppy hat…


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