I Wax Nostalgic For New Wave Music – XTC`s Drums and Wires

April 5, 2011  
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Some incredible music came out in the late 1970s, especially in the way of British New Wave Pop/Rock. I don`t see much coming out currently that can really compare with it. I`m always looking out for the next big sensational band or record that will turn the music industry on its head, but it aint happening! With the British band XTC is was happening.

I know in the past I`ve had a very fragile grip on their catalog, so I decided to go through some of their titles and see what I could come up with. I picked up their 2nd record on Sunday, Drums and Wires. It was released on August 17, 1979; let`s see, I remember what I was doing then! I was on vacation to LA, where I visited many of the New Wave clubs. Don`t recall their names anymore?

Drums and Wires is a tremendous record! Has everything I love, that current records don`t have. Lots of Ska rhythms, varied guitar parts, clever lyrics and different types of songs (fast ones, slow ones, pop, textured conceptual/experimental songs). The music is far too complex to fit into a simple Punk Mold. This is why its New Wave music, which allows itself to be more advanced and eclectic. For now, my favorite song on the record is Real By Reel, which brings me to life. Let`s see, where are my polka dot party shirts that I`d where to New Wave parties? In storage? Hubert, you were right, XTC rules!


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