Idiot Lives In Small Apartment With Eagle, 3 Snakes, Croc & Monkey

August 31, 2010  
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“Filming with animals can be frightening for actors but a man living in a tiny apartment in Tehran with his crocodile, three snakes, an eagle and a miniature monkey says he can help.

‘There are many actors and actresses who are afraid of animals. I try to help them overcome their fears and communicate with animals,’ says Amir Rahbari, a 37-year-old professional trainer who chooses to live among his animals.
In a cramped 20-square-metre (215 sq ft) flat in a tower block in the north of the Iranian capital, Rahbari holds two big pythons around his neck, explaining that, to him, they are family.”
In America Rahbari wouldn’t be allowed to keep wild animals in a cramped apartment, that’s  nothing less than cruelty to animals. An eagle is a wild animal who roams for miles in search of prey, it’s cruel beyond measure to keep such a majestic bird cooped up inside an apartment.
How can a crocodile possibly be happy confined to a bathtub, there isn’t even enough room for him to swish his tail. I hope that the crocodile takes a bite out of his behind and that the miniature monkey takes a dump on him.
Iran is a backwards country where “animal cruelty” is an unknown concept, and these poor animals are doomed.


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