Innovator of Business Cable News, Mark Haines (1948-2011), Has Passed

May 26, 2011  
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I was very saddened by the passing of CNBC cable pioneer of business news, Mark Haines (1946-2011). Mark was the original anchor for Squawk Box on CNBC, which premiered sometime in 1995. I watched it religiously everyday of the week, since I was interested (and heavily invested) in stock market news. Mark Haines died suddenly Tuesday night, but the cause of his death hasn`t been reported yet.

If you can find any of the early footage of Squawk Box, I would recommend you watching that. This was the prime-time glory days of the Dot Com Bubble. You know how the story goes: Cisco Systems, Dell, Intel, Mickysoft and QUALCOM. Mark brought a level of probing (Mark was an attorney) business news, as well as entertainment value. Mark really invented business cable!

After Haines kept those Lava Lamps constantly bubbling on the set of CNBC, I went out and picked up a few Lava Lamps myself, thinking it would improve my luck on stock market calls. I need not leave out the incredible chemistry between The Brain (David Faber), The Kahuna (Joe Kernan) and Mr. Haines during those early days. Mark Haines was a classy and classic journalist. Just check out his coverage of Nine-Eleven.


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