Kitty Cat Swims New York Harbor

April 21, 2011  
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Officials in New York said a cat that made the swim to Governors Island in New York Harbor was likely thrown into the water by storms.

Elizabeth Rapuano, director of marketing and communications for Governors Island, said security guards on the north shore of the island discovered the feline Sunday night, the New York Daily News reported Thursday.

The assumption is that she came over by water, Rapuano said.

She was wet. Her fur was salty.


Rapuano is a master of deductive reasoning, she’s the Sherlock Holmes of Governors Island. She ruled out the possibility that a tornado dropped the kitty on the island. The feline was wet and her fur was salty, therefore she correctly assumed that the brave kitty made the swim to Governor’s Island.

The cat needs to be rewarded for its perseverance and courage, hopefully she will find a home where she is appreciated and pampered.

The violent storm killed 45 people, but thank goodness that one little kitten wasn’t one of its victims.


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