Lebanese Set Record For Largest Kammouneh Serving

September 5, 2011  
Filed under Weird Stuff

A group of Lebanese set the world record for the largest serving of kammouneh, a Lebanese national dish, the group says.

Preparers used 551 pounds of tomatoes, 33 pounds of bulgur, 26 gallons of olive oil, as well as 44 pound mixture of mint, salt, pepper and salad seasoning.


Most Americans wouldn’t know a kammouneh from a kangaroo or a komodo dragon.

I don’t see any meat in the ingredients, which guarantees that this Lebanese dish will never be popular in the United States.

This monstrous dish weighed over half a ton; I’m getting an upset stomach just thinking about it.

Almost anything tastes good if it’s deep-fried, maybe if you fried this sucker it might appeal to Americans.


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