“Mercedes-Benz” Turkeys Sell for As Much As $14 A Pound

November 23, 2010  
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“New York markets are selling upscale Thanksgiving turkeys for as much as $14 a pound — translating to $168 for a 12-pound bird.
Retailer Dean & Deluca said it is offering the D’Artagnan wild turkey, which is billed as ‘farm-raised from the original wild breed,’ for $14 a pound as well as the Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch Heritage free-range turkey, which the store calls the ‘Mercedes-Benz’ of turkeys, for $11 per pound, the New York Daily News reported Monday.”
I donated a 19-pound Butterball Turkey to a church that is having Thanksgiving Dinner for the homeless, and it only set me back $33.00. I’m sure that most people, not just the homeless, are thankful for a Butterball Turkey in these hard economic times.
Wasting $168 dollars for a 12-pound bird is an outrage, why not just buy a regular turkey and give the rest of the money to the poor?
Anybody who buys a “Mercedes-Benz” turkey is the biggest turkey of all.


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