Moron Burglars Steal TV: Too Big For Getaway Caar

December 29, 2010  
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Authorities in California said a trio of would-be TV thieves were foiled by the small size of their intended getaway car.

Sacramento police said the burglars took the TV from a Sedley Court home about 4 p.m. PST Sunday and left the large set on the sidewalk when it would not fit in their Lexus, The Sacramento Bee reported Tuesday.


The idiots should have chosen an inconspicuous pickup or large sedan as a getaway vehicle, instead of a luxury Lexus that draws a lot of attention.

The hapless burglars were too stupid to realize that the TV was to large to fit in their car, that’s the type of mistake that guarantees that they will never be successful burglars.

If the burglar owns the Lexus, and didn’t steal it, then he is stealing just for kicks.

Of course the idiots have already been caught by the police.


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