Mr. T Called For Jury Duty

April 30, 2009  
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“TV and film star Mr. T showed up for jury duty at Cook County Criminal Court in Chicago and wound up signing autographs and posing for pictures.

The ‘A-Team’ and ‘Rocky III’ star wound up signing autographs and taking pictures with the defendant’s family, county employees and other potential jurors. He was dismissed along with others who did not make the final jury selection.”

Mr. T is an upstanding citizen and a civic-minded individual, and he would have made a terrific juror. But the tough guy actor would make an even better judge, he would make Judge Judy look like a bleeding-heart.

As a judge Mr.T would be armed with a quote for every occasion. He would silence a lawyer babbling in legalize with a quick: I ain’t got time for no jibba jabba. If a witness wasn’t credible, the former bodyguard would silence him with a terse: Shut up fool! And if a member of the jury fell asleep, Mr. T would wake him up by shouting: I pity the fool who falls asleep in my court!

An God have pity on a defendant if his last name is Murdoch, Mr. T would sentence him to life behind bars even if he was only charged with a misdemeanor. 


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