Mumford and Sons` ‘Sigh No More’ Number One on Itunes Alternative Charts!

April 26, 2011  
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Mumford & Sons` Sigh No More is the number one album over on itunes Alternative Music category. It`s been out already for a year and half, so that bodes well for it, in terms of staying power. This is my first listen this morning, and it`s quite a surprise. Don`t get to hear much banjo. Like the way they emphasize dynamics too. Every song seems to build up and spring forth. That holds true for Lion Man, which I just heard.

Reading over some reviews, most of which are quite good. Pop Matters gave it a great review, but said it sounded like American Music. It sounds mostly English to me. The Guardian, however, found it a little “too polite.” When I first heard them, I thought of The Pogues. But The Guardian is right, too soft to be like The Pogues. Closer to Simon and Garfunkel, actually.

The Cave is Mumford & Sons` most popular song. I see why. It`s kind of like a nursery rhyme, that builds to a crescendo. Irresistible limerick about coming out of a cave and into the light of understanding. What`s this about a noose around your neck? Whoever it is in that cave is obviously a false siren of the past. The self-righteous angle here is the hook on this one. Must be a story from true life behind these intriguing lyrics?


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