Nine Siblings Reach 50th Weddding Anniversary Milestone

October 25, 2010  
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“A New York woman celebrating her 50th wedding anniversary is the last of nine siblings who’ve all reached the same milestone, her family said.

All eight siblings of Carol Buncy, 73, are still alive, most are in good health and only one has suffered the loss of a spouse, The Buffalo (N.Y.) News reported Sunday.”


To have so many siblings is a very rare occurrence, and for all of the nine siblings to have reached the milestone of being married for fifty years is a miracle.

However I’d rather be dead than have nine siblings. My parents were dirt-poor, and I didn’t consider it a privilege to have four siblings. Every night I prayed that one of my siblings would be abducted by a UFO, never to return.

I can’t think of a more wretched fate than to be married for 50 freakin’ years. After being married for such a long time divorce is out of the question, and only death can free Carol from the agony of being with the same person for such a hell of a long time.

Happy 50th wedding anniversary!


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