No Thrills or Surprises for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards!

February 28, 2011  
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The buzz on the internet this morning with regards to last night`s 83rd Academy Awards is that the youthful hosts, Anne Hathaway and James Franco, weren`t able to fill the shoes of old timers like Billy Crystal or the late, great Bob Hope. They showed a clip of Bob and he was much better with the one liners. The problem here is that the writers didn`t give these two greenhorns any good lines to work with. Lots of cool costume changes for Anne though!

The Oscars themselves were exactly on script in terms who won, so there wasn`t much magic or spontaneity involved. When Randy Newman won for best song, he didn`t seem to much care, since he`s won so many times before (20 previous nominations). His song We Belong Together was practically a re-write of things he`s done before. If I Rise by Dido and A.R. Rahman was the most original and inspirational song for me.

The only time the icy mediocrity was broken was when Melissa Leo accepted the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for the film The Fighter. She was actually nervous and charged-up and accidentally let the F word slip out. Don`t worry, the censor button was on. Luke Metheny was good too, with a very wild Afro-hairdo. But poor James Franco phoned it in. This type of gig is not his forte. “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Academy Awards, or as it is known in my house, Passover.” Bob Hope had the best sound bite for 83rd!


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