Old Folks And High-Tech Gadgets Not A Good Match

July 28, 2009  
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Two Swedes expecting the golden beaches of the Italian island of Capri got a shock when tourist officials told them they were 650 km (400 miles) off course in the northern town of Carpi, after mistyping the name in their GPS.

‘It’s hard to understand how they managed it. I mean, Capri is an island,’ said Giovanni Medici, a spokesman for Carpi regional government, told Reuters Tuesday. ‘It’s the first time something like this has happened.’


I’m not the most technologically-savvy person in the world; I never learned how to program my VCR. That’s why I haven’t purchased a GPS unit for my car. I’m afraid that if I rely on one of those hi-tech gadgets, I might end up in the wrong time zone.

Others may poke fun at the Swedes, but my only comment is “there but for the grace of God, go I.” Not only do I not have a good sense of direction, but I’m also dyslectic. The last thing in the world I need is a GPS gizmo.

The next time the Swedes go on vacation they should find a nice resort a few miles from their residence.


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