Old Lady Finds Snake In Her Toilet

September 21, 2010  
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A 73-year-old Polish pensioner was shocked to find a two-metre- (6.5-foot-) long anaconda peering up out of her toilet bowl Monday in her flat in Wroclaw, south-west Poland, local police said.

“After she raised the lid of the toilet seat, the lady saw a huge snake that wanted to slither out of the toilet bowl. She immediately slammed down the toilet lid and called us,” Wroclaw police spokesman Pawel Petrykowski told AFP. ‘She was certainly very frightened but managed to keep her wits about her,’ he said


I wouldn’t want to find a snake anywhere in my home, but a toilet would be the best place to find one, because it would scare the poop out of me.

If I found a snake in my toilet I would be so traumatized that I would never use the toilet again, I would wear Depends for the rest of my life.

I commend the old lady for keeping her wits about her, she puts most of use to shame.


One Response to “Old Lady Finds Snake In Her Toilet”

  1. ball python on November 12th, 2010 5:59 pm

    people are so bad about freaking out about snakes. How would the snake not drown though?

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