Outrage: Man Fined For Dresser At Roadside

April 28, 2011  
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“A New York man who put an old dresser at the side of the road for anyone who wanted it said he was shocked to receive a $100 fine from the city.

Christian Meany, 36, said he was fined for putting the dresser at the side of the road Sunday in his Park Slope neighborhood because it was not a scheduled sanitation pickup day, the New York Daily News reported Wednesday.


In the city where I live residents are allowed to leave “junk” at the side of the road. If it’s not too big a pile the sanitation workers will pick it  up on the scheduled pickup day, but if it’s a large item like a dining table they will pick it up later in the week. When I have furniture that’s not too old to get rid of I leave it outside at least a couple of days before my regular pickup day, and somebody always grabs it.

New York should encourage folks to recycle; Meany shouldn’t have been fined. Meany could have simply taken his dresser to the dump, instead he left it where a person living on a limited budget could have taken it home.

Meany is a Good Samaritan and a good citizen, he plans on paying the fine.


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