Outrage: Thieves Steal 700-Pound Statue Of A Pelican

October 11, 2011  
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Police in California are offering $1,000 for information leading to the culprits behind the theft of a 700-pound pelican statue.

Novato police said the sculpture, which the Novato City Council commissioned for Scottsdale Pond park in 2007 for $27,500, was apparently stolen during the weekend, the Marin Independent Journal reported Monday.


It takes a lot of boldness to steal a 700-pound statue, this isn’t a caper that you can pull off on the sly. You need a flatbed truck, some type of equipment to lift the statue, and at least two or three strong men.

Who would want to steal a 700-pound statue of a pelican? You can’t pawn it, sell it on eBay or advertise it for sale in the local newspaper.

The thieves might as well return the statue to the park.


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