Pregnant Lady Hit By Car While Fleeing Bear

April 25, 2009  
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“A pregnant woman who was fleeing a bear when she was struck by a slow-moving car said she would honor the euthanized animal by giving her baby the middle name ‘Bear.’

Ashley Swendsen, 26, said she thought the bear followed her more out of curiosity than malice because it kept a distance of about 10 feet Thursday morning on a hiking trail in northwestern Colorado Springs.
Swendsen managed to scramble up an embankment and was crossing the street when she was hit by a slow-moving car. Although she was not seriously injured, she was taken to a hospital as a precaution because she was pregnant.”

The Associated Press

As the suburbs continue to stretch into formerly wild areas human beings are encroaching in the habitat of bears and other wild animals.

By Ashley’s own admission the bear didn’t behave in a hostile manner, but even if the bear had mauled her he should not have been killed.

The only one who should be punished in this unfortunate incident is the hit-and-run driver

How would the employee of The Colorado Division of Wildlife who killed the bear feel if I killed his child if he trespassed in my backyard?

Ashley was sad to hear that the bear was put to sleep, and to soothe her conscience she’s going to give her baby the middle name “Bear.” That’s all well and fine, but that’s not going to bear that innocent bear back to life.


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