Puppy Taken Away From Woman Who Tried To Mail It

February 8, 2011  
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“A Minneapolis administrative hearing officer has ruled against returning a puppy to the woman who attempted to send the dog in a sealed box via U.S. mail.
Administrative hearing officer Fabian Hoffner ruled the 4-month-old Schnauzer-poodle mix should not be returned to Stacey Champion, 39, labeling her actions ‘disgraceful,’ the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported Tuesday.
Champion admitted to putting the dog in a cardboard box with no food and attempting to mail it to her son in Atlanta at the Loring Post Office on Jan. 25. Postal officials said the puppy likely would have suffocated or died of exposure while being transported via cargo plane.
Stacey Champion is no champion, she is a monster who should be charged with animal cruelty. She should be sent via UPS to jail in a box with no air holes.
I pray that this woman doesn’t have any children, she’s liable to have a pimp driver her daughter to school.
The pooch will be available for adoption in a few days; let’s hope that the new owner will shower the puppy with love.


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