Restaurant Features “Ninjas” And A Moat

February 23, 2010  
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“Waitresses wield swords and flare flames at diners, who have to get past a moat before sitting at their table in the dimly lit dining hall.

The same customers are also encouraged to take photos with the warrior-like waitresses, who dress in black or red to look like ninjas in keeping with the theme of a dark but lively restaurant that opened last month in Taiwan’s capital.
‘The ninja is mysterious,’ said Ou Chia-wei, owner of the restaurant simply named Ninja, explaining why he chose that theme for the Japanese-style restaurant. ‘On that premise, we can do magic tricks and light up the food.'”
When the waitress is brandishing a sword a customer might think twice before complaining that the steak is too tough, or that there’s a fly in the soup.
When I go to a restaurant my main concerns are  that the food is OK, and that the waitpersons are friendly. If I want to step over a moat or see people dressed up like ninjas I’ll go to a freakin’ amusement park.
These type of restaurants rarely stay in business long — the novelty quickly wears off. When a customer leaves a successful dining establishment he will be raving about the food, and not chatting about ninjas and moats.
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