Super Bowl III-Underdog Wins-New York Jets Upset Baltimore Colts, 16-7!

February 7, 2010  
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Well, I have been trying to remember today which Super Bowl was my favorite one? I am rooting for the New Orleans Saints today, as I believe most Americans are. This is because most people like to root for the Underdog and because the city of New Orleans, almost five years after Katrina, could still use a little encouragement. Winning the Super Bowl will be helpful for their economy and will attract curiosity seekers to the Who Dat city who want to soak up its rich swagger of a Southern Culture.

The best Super Bowl to date? A no brainer! Super Bowl III in 1969 in Miami, January 12th to be exact, is the Greatest All Time Bowl. Ya should know…it was the New York Jets against the Baltimore Colts. That was the first win for the much maligned AFC, 16-7 in favor of the Jets. Broadway Joe was the star of the show;… surely you remember? Joe Namath made a controversial statement the Thursday before the game. “I got news for you. We`re gonna win the game. I guarantee it.”

I will link for you a very cool article from The Pro Football Hall of Fame, about Super Bowl III. Really, Namath had done his homework much better than the Colts for the game. He called the plays right off the line, knowing that the defense was going to over-blitz. Thus, he could throw quick screen passes and beat the line and mix it in with the running game. Watch the tape…

“We sent a message to all the underdogs out there. If you want something bad enough and you aren`t afraid to lay it on the line, you can do it. It`s an important message because if people don`t have hope, really, what do they have?” Joe Namath. Well, Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints is our Joe Namath today. GO SAINTS!


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  1. Jimmie on June 9th, 2010 7:42 pm

    I am very happy that New Orleans won the super bowl. They were true under dogs in this game, but the ’69 Bowl was by far the best yet! The game in 2014 I believe is in the Jets stadium and that should be very intense during the middle of winter in an open field stadium!

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