UK’s Channel 4 Orders Drama Series on Celebrity Sex Abuse Scandal – Variety

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UK's Channel 4 Orders Drama Series on Celebrity Sex Abuse Scandal
EDINBURGH — U.K. broadcaster Channel 4 hopes to boost its credentials for challenging drama with a new show that fictionalizes sexual abuse in showbiz. “National Treasure,” announced at the Edinburgh Television Festival by Channel 4's chief creative …

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Make Credit Card Reform RETROACTIVE

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Are You Mad As Hell Yet?

Congress and the White House are pushing for credit card reform but it won’t take effect for a year.

I’ve got a brilliant idea (he wrote modestly) why not ask your congressperson to make the new rules retroactive say to January 1?

You know, roll-back rate increases without notice, restore credit limits on good customers, etc. Every thing we thought we were getting when we gave them nearly a Trillion $$ in cash and tax breaks.

Normally retroactive laws are unfair, but the banks do it to us all the time, why not return the favor?

Start by dropping your senator an email or give them a friendly phone call suggesting The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act (“the Credit CARD Act”) be made retroactive to January 1.

You’ll find Senator’s names and office addresses here:

Why not? Both the Senators and the banks are taking our money – encourage the one to force the other to respect us.

It only seems fair.

While you are at it, check out