Dude Gets Injured Trying To Help Injured Gator

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“A Florida man said his attempt to help an injured 8-foot alligator resulted in him being bitten on the arm and the reptile being euthanized.

Alexander Alcantare said he spotted the reptile Sunday in a canal behind his Miami home with an arrow lodged in its head, so he attempted to drag the alligator to shore, WFTV, Miami, reported Wednesday”


An alligator with an arrow lodged in its head isn’t going to be in the best disposition, Alcantare is lucky the beast didn’t kill him.

A person shouldn’t touch a baby alligator, let alone one that’s 8-foot tall. Alcantare should have called animal control, and given the poor creature a wide berth.

To add insult to injury, Alcantare was issued a ticket for illegally catching an alligator.

Wildlife Officer Loses Gator At Show And Tell

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“A Florida Fish and Wildlife officer’s attempt to use a 5-foot live alligator during show and tell Friday at Breakfast Point Academy ended with the critter on the loose in the woods near Pier Park.
The officer, Dave Brady, captured the animal in the wild and then brought the gator — with tape around its mouth — to his daughter’s class, FWC spokesman Stan Kirkland said Friday.”
What ever happened to bringing an ant farm or a collage for show and tell? The alligator escaped by jumping out of the officer’s truck after show and tell, but what if the creature had escaped during show and tell? Even though the gator had tape around its mouth, it would have scared the Bejesus out of the small children.
It’s animal cruelty to tape a gator’s mouth just so a dufus officer can show it off to a bunch of brats. Principals should ban alligators from show and tell, if the little monsters want to see gators they can watch the Animal Planet Channel.
That poor gator with tape around its mouth is going to starve to death. A Fish and Wildlife officer should protect wildlife, not exploit and torture it.

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