Bank Robbers Destroy Bank, But Fail To Get Cash

May 26, 2010 by  
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“Would-be robbers in Germany had to flee empty handed after blowing up everything in a bank except for where the money was, police said on Wednesday.
Photos in German media showed  a scene of devastation in the northeastern village of Malliss, with the bank reduced to a pile of rubble and its roof completely obliterated. Amid the wreckage, only the cash machine could be seen intact.”
Apparently the explosion was bigger than the robbers expected, and they weren’t able to get to the cash machine or the money. Several buildings and vehicles in the vicinity of the bank were damaged.
These clowns don’t have much of a future as bank robbers or demolitions experts, I’d suggest they try something a bit easier, like stealing candy from a baby.
The robbers were able to escape, but they weren’t able to take any money with them.
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