Teen Girl Murders 448-Pound Bear

September 29, 2010 by  
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“A 17-year-old Battle Creek-area girl (Jessica Olstead) has begun her big game hunting career with a bang, bagging a 448-pound black bear from 16 yards away with a bow and arrow.

The Harper Creek High School senior tells the Battle Creek Enquirer for a story published Tuesday that she loves hunting and whenever she sees a bear, she just wants to go at it.”


This bloodthirsty young girl practically salivates at the prospect of murdering a bear. When Jessica sees a bear she doesn’t marvel at the majestic creature, she has only one thought on her mind: Murder!

This young killer tracked the bear, murdered it, and gutted it.

Jessica was photographed with a big smile on her face as she stood by the carcass of the bear. Jessica is proud of her evil act, PETA needs to stage an intervention. Jessica’s parents raised her to be a killer of animals, but she’s young and there’s still hope for her.