Bee Therapy All The Rage In China

March 24, 2010 by  
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“Being stung by a bee would have most people rushing to hospital, expect at one Beijing clinic where patients queue up to be pricked into good health.
Bee sting therapy, which involves placing live bees on a patient’s body at certain pressure points, dates back over 3,000 years in China and was considered legal in 2007.
I don’t look down on all forms of alternative therapies, but I draw the line at bee sting therapy. I wouldn’t mind undergoing massage therapy or hypnotherapy, but there is nothing alluring about getting stung by a bee.
There’s a sucker born every second, so I’m not surprised that some fools are lining up to be stung by bees. Why don’t these idiots save themseleves a few bucks and dab some honey on themselves and go shake a bee hive?
A quack named Wang Jing states “This treatment relies mainly on the bees’ poison”. I would shy away from any treatment that relies on poisoning the patient.
The patients of this quack are going to get stung a second time when he hands them his hefty fee.
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