Fool Called 911, Wanted Operator To Make Beer Run For Him

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“Police in Connecticut said a man who called 911 three times and then asked emergency responders to make a beer run was charged with misuse of 911.”


Sales of alcohol are banned on Sunday in Connecticut; the lawmakers who haven’t repealed this archaic law should have been dispatched to make a beer run for this idiot.

This 65-year old fool has made almost a hundred nuisance calls to 911 this yea. It’s him time that the police stopped treated his idiot like a prankster, they need to haul his butt to jail.

Maybe if he’s sentenced to 90 days in jail, he will stop bothering the 911 operators.

Prisoner Escaped: He Longed For A Beer

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“A prisoner who gave police the slip at a north Australian airport and was eventually found drinking beer in a pub said he’d only wanted to see his mother.

Kayd Thorp, 24, took cover in bushland and swam across a Brisbane city creek to dodge search teams in a six-hour manhunt Tuesday which ended when he was discovered having a pint in a local pub.”
Thorp was drinking a beer in a pub, and not at home having tea with his mother, when he was nabbed by the cops.
A prisoner doesn’t take cover in bushland and swim across a creek for a chance to chat with his mom, but he will do that and much more for a cold one.
It’s unclear whether the thirsty prisoner visited his dear old mother during his six hours of freedom. I doubt it.
Thorp was boarding a flight with police escorts when he gave them the slip, he wasn’t wearing cuffs. Maybe now the cops will handcuff him before he boards a flight to his new prison home.

Drunk Dude Steals Tractor To Buy Beer

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“Authorities in Florida said a man pulled over on a stolen tractor told deputies he took the vehicle to make a beer run.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said Heath Cannon, 43, was pulled over on Wisteria Loop in Land O’Lakes at about 11 p.m. Friday while driving a $15,000 tractor reported stolen from a roadside construction site, the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times reported Wednesday.
Deputies said Cannon, who has previous convictions for theft, loitering and prowling, smelled strongly of alcohol.
‘I’m sorry, I drove the tractor to the RaceTrac to buy a beer,’ a sheriff’s office report quotes Cannon as telling deputies.”
The cop quickly caught up with the fool driving the stolen tractor, and he quickly determined that the man was drunk as a skunk.
Cannon has many previous felonies, he will certainly be sentenced to years in prison. It will be a long time before Cannon tastes a nice cold beer.
The first thing Cannon should do when he gets out of the joint is to have a beer, the second thing he should do is go straight to rehab.

Dudes Shoot Each Other In Buttocks To See If It Hurts

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“Two Australian men needed surgery after shooting each other in the buttocks during a drinking session to see if it would hurt, police said on Wednesday.
The men, both aged 34, used an air rifle to fire at each other on Sunday. By Tuesday, both were in hospital to have pellets removed from their buttocks and legs.
‘The men were sharing a few beers on Sunday evening when they thought it would be interesting to see if they shot one another with an air rifle, if it would penetrate their skin or it would hurt,’ a police spokesman said.”
If these idiots were sober it would never enter their minds to shoot each other with air rifles to see it the pellets would penetrate their skin. But alcohol lowers inhibitions and IQ, and folks do stupid and dangerous things when they are under the influence.
The jackasses didn’t feel too much pain when they shot each other, but when they sobered up they cried like schoolgirls and went to the hospital.
If you think you have a brilliant idea, take stock of yourself, if there are a dozen empty beer cans around you, chances are it’s not a good idea.