Pro Bicycle Riders Targeted For Water Bottle Pollution

April 28, 2010 by  
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“Britain’s Chris Froome is among a trio of riders who have been targeted by an environmental group — for throwing empty water bottles into the Belgian countryside during a top race.
Bike racers can drink several litres of fluids during one-day races and stages, and their discarded empties are often picked up and cherished by fans at the road side.
But that tradition, usually tolerated by the communes and regions hosting races, did not wash with Coalition Nature, who were spurned into action after watching the events unfold on television.”
Bicycle races are very popular in Europe, and millions of viewers watch as the bicyclists discard empty water bottles into the countryside. These athletes are setting a very bad example, and their contempt for the environment shouldn’t be tolerated.
Not all the discarded water bottles are picked up by fans at the road side, many of them are left behind to mar the beautiful scenery.
Protecting the environment takes precedence over the need for a bicyclist to be hydrated during a race. Thank goodness that an environmental group has finally spoken up and said “enough is enough.”

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