41 Years Later, Blind Faith Holds Up Fine!

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It has been many years since I`ve heard my British ‘Supergroup’ album, Blind Faith. I keep hearing Steve Winwood`s song Can`t Find My Way Home at the market, so I snagged the 1969 record on itunes today. That`s Eric Clapton on electric guitar, Ginger Baker on drums, Stevie Winwood on organ and vocals and Ric Grech on bass guitar and violin.

Backing tracks were prepared in the spring of 1969, and after a tour of Scandinavia and the U.S., Blind Faith finished the record and released it in August of 1969. It`s been many years since I`ve heard it, but it sounds beautiful this morning. That`s Ric Grech on a violin solo on Sea of Joy. I would listen to the record over and over again in my bedroom (in North Dallas); you see, was sixteen years old in 1969. And 41 years later, Had to Cry Today is still my favorite song!

Do What You Like takes up nearly the entire second side, clocking in at 15:18. Lots of extended solos, like an organ solo by Stevie. If you can get your paws on this record, you will finally be able to experience what `60s classic rock really means. I want to locate a copy of the original Rolling Stone (September 6, 1969), that features three reviews of the record: written by Ed Leimbacher, Lester Bangs and John Morthland. (Wiki)

The Grammy Nominations-Goin` `Gainst the Grain with Eric and Stevie!

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beyonce*( Take your eyes off a bikini-ed Beyonce, young man!) The Grammy nominations were held last night in LA. Beyonce took the lead with ten nominations and Taylor Swift came in second with eight. Lady Gaga collected five and the R & B singer Maxwell, who has been out of the spotlight for eight years, brought in six of those chimerical accolades.

More interesting for me was a pick up of two nominations for Eric Clapton andmadison square garden Stevie Winwood.  Live from Madison Garden was nominated for Best Rock Album. They also pocketed one for Best Rock Performance for a Duo or Group for Can`t Find My Way Home. This song was part of the repertoire of the Supergroup, Blind Faith. The line-up also included bassist Ric Grech and drummer Ginger Baker.

Here is the link for all of the Grammy nominations (don`t snooze while reading). It gets complex, so you have to study the list. I can`t seem to muster much excitement for many of these newer artists. The Black Eyed Peas just don`t turn me on! I`ll try…Old Geezer Rock just gets my YA YAS OUT!