“Every Rose Has Its Thorn”-Bret Michaels Surprise Appearance on ‘Idol’!

May 27, 2010 by  
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Bret Michaels made a surprise guest appearance on American Idol last night, joining Casey James to sing his Poison hit, Every Rose Has Its Thorn. Bret hadn`t even told his doctor of his musical rendezvous on Idol. As you know, Bret has been hospitalized for a brain hemorrhage for a month and a half, but made a miraculous recovery. However, he was re-hospitalized last week for a stroke. I heard also, that he has a hole in his heart.

Not that other important things weren`t happening on American Idol last night. FAR be from it, Lee DeWyze won with his rendition of U2`s Beautiful Day. Although, it seems like more people were rooting for Crystal Bowesox, and most assuredly women. Okay, don`t forget that this was Simon Cowell`s last show, and boy, it sure was good to see Paula Abdul again. I only saw the highlights on the news this morning, but I sense that Idol is cooked!

I sure hope Bret Michaels can start playing his music again, but I have my doubts? Better try to be optimistic. I don`t have any Poison albums, not so much as a single. What`s their best album?