Simon and Garfunkel`s “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

January 25, 2010 by  
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When Stevie Wonder sang  Bridge Over Troubled Water Friday night for the Hope for Haiti Now telethon, a light came on, beautiful tune! It was written by Paul Simon in the summer months of 1969. Art Garfunkel was off filming Catch 22 with Mike Nichols. Paul conceived of it as more of a piano song and developed the lyric from a Claude Jeter line, “I`ll be your bridge over deep water if you trust in me.” (Wiki)

The line comes from a 1958 Swan Silvertones` (Claude Jeter`s band) song Oh Mary Don`t You Weep. I`m familiar with that one and use to perform it with a folk unit I was in during my high school days. Anyway, the Bridge lyrics are about how a friend can help another friend out during some hard times, or in this case, the metaphor of a bridge expresses the notion of leading a friend to safety.

The song may very well be a discourse on Paul and Arty`s friendship? Can`t say for sure. I do know that the dynamic duo parted company after the Bridge Over Troubled Water album. That breakup traumatized me when I was young man. Marvelous song…no doubt about it. Big production, with an orchestra chiming in on the last verse.

It got two Grammy awards for Record of the Year and Song of the Year in 1971. One of the best for all time-for personal and sentimental reasons. Our country was hurting bad at that time. “When darkness comes, and pain is all around,” you see? Paul and Arty could save us. Glad to see the two back together occasionally! *(P.S. I got a feeling that I will listening to Simon & Garfunkel into my antiquarian years!) Don`t laugh, I`m crying now…