Camel Beauty Pageant

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“Ten golden-colored camels adorned with sparkling ornaments line up for the finale of a beauty contest in one of the UAE’s northern emirates, awaiting the selection of two proud winners.
Gulf Arabs from across the region gather in a large sandy plot in Ajman to sit in for a four-hour competition, which will see the selection of the best out of 150 camels every day.
The three-day spectacle should end with the top two finalists bagging luxury cars, while a remaining eight win cash.”
Horses are beautiful and majestic animals, and I can understand a beauty contest for horses, or even one for dogs. But Camels? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but who can find beauty in an ugly animal with a penchant for spitting?
What’s the theme song for this ridiculous pageant, “My Humps” by the “Black Eyes Peas”?
I know we’re supposed to respected the culture and traditions of other countries, but I’d rather be dead than to live in a nation that regards camels as pretty creatures.
There’s an auction after the pageant, and some of the camels can go for as much as $4 million. Anybody who buys a camel for that much money, should be punished by forcing him to listen to “My Humps” for four straight hours.
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Camels Terrorize Australians

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“Docker River, an Australian Outback town, is under siege from 6,000 wild camels which have laid waste to the area in search of water.
“Residents in the Northern Territory settlement have been left cowering in their homes after the animals trampled fences, smashed through water mains and invaded the airstrip.
The camels, driven to extreme lengths by prolonged drought, have even tried to force their way into people’s homes to drink water from air conditioning units and taps.”
I wouldn’t live down under for a million dollars, Australia is a land terrorized by dingos who snatch babies in the middle of the night, and by camels who hold towns hostage.
Who you gonna call ilf rampaging camels are trying to break into your home? The mad beasts would snort at Crocodile Dundee’s knife, and they would spit at the coppers.
I guess you call in the calvary, the government is dispatching men in helicopters to gun down the animals.
Do you agree with this indiscriminate killing of the thirsty camels? Post your comments!
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