Thieves Steal 13 Tons Of Caviar

May 25, 2010 by  
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“Armed robbers hijacked a lorry carrying 13 tonnes of red caviar in Saint Petersburg, local police said Tuesday.

The criminals tied up the guard and driver and dumped them in a city suburb before making their getaway on Monday, a police spokesman in the city’s Moskovsky district told AFP.
Red caviar, which is the eggs of various types of salmon, is much cheaper than black sturgeon caviar and is a popular delicacy in Russia.”
Russians love vodka and caviar, but caviar is very expensive, and that’s why you will see many homeless in Moscow drinking vodka, and not a single one will be nibbling on caviar.
Expensive as caviar may be, it’s hard to imagine five armed men hijacking a truck containing fish eggs. It wasn’t even  premier black sturgeon caviar, but the much cheaper red caviar that the thieves stole.
Maybe when the thieves realize that it was the cheap stuff that they stole, they will get drunk on vodka.
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