Three Stork Hatchlings Born At Chicago Zoo

May 31, 2010 by  
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“For the first time in Lincoln Park Zoo’s 142-year history, European white storks have delivered their very own storks. The monogamous pair is tenderly caring for their three new hatchlings which hatched from their shells earlier this week. Not to be out done, the pair of rare Cinereous vultures that share the white storks habitat have also welcomed a newly hatched chick this week. They haven’t raised a chick since 2002.”

I guess storks are too busy delivering newborns to humans to take the time to breed and raise chicks.

The three new hatchlings are a big hit at the zoo — how about a stork cam so the whole world can enjoy watching the chicks grow up into beautiful birds?

Congratulations to the storks and the vultures! The baby vultures may be a tad ugly, but to their parents they are the most beautiful creatures in the world.

All of the hatchlings are doing well under the tender car of their parents. If only all humans cared for their children as well as the birds.

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