China The Real Victim In North Korea’s Nuclear ICBM Pursuit

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North Korea test site.

Sanctions on North Korea are not working and never will. The only peaceful solution is for China to step into the fray and corral the man-child dictator of the communist wasteland, Kim Jung Un. So what happens if China stands by and plays political games with the United States while Kim builds bigger and more […]

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Bobby Dylan Plays China – Is ‘Blood On the Tracks’ His Greatest?

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Read the articles, watched the news, took the pics and downloaded the tunes, now I got to pen the damn thing. Got the Bobby Dylan bug this morning when I heard Zimmerman played China last night. Amazing that oldtimer can still garner news. Washington Post has the best pictorial of Dylan at the Workers` Gymnasium in Beijing. NME has published the set list, which was vetted by Communists. The Los Angeles Times has the best actual news article on the historic concert.

I went with Blood On the Tracks this morning, which has been missing from my collection since the late 1970s. Some of my buddies believe Blood On the Tracks is Dylan`s very best album. That can be aptly argued. My favorite cut is Lily, Rosemary and the Jack Of Hearts. Gives me a feeling of the Old West, the days of Dodge City – gun fights, barrel house saloons and poker games that spilled some blood for cowboys with an ill-fated hand.

I`m reading Bob performed two songs from Blood On the Tracks, Tangled Up In Blue and Simple Twist of Fate. It sounds like the folk/rock legend went over pretty good in China. I wonder if his voice was okay. When I saw him at Dell Diamond a few years ago (with Bertha) his voice sounded like a frog. Maybe Dylan loosened up those Communists a little. Those social crackdowns can`t last forever. Bobby stands for freedom!

Beijing Bus Drivers Prohibited from Calling Passengers “Comrade”

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“China’s bus drivers and ticket sellers have been urged to leave communism behind, with a new training manual instructing them to call travellers ‘sir’ or ‘madam’ instead of ‘comrade,’ state media reported on Monday.

Older Beijingers, a few of whom still wear ‘Mao suits’ that were once a virtual uniform for China’s hundreds of millions of citizens, will be exempt from the new ruling.”
It will be easier to get Randy Jackson of American Idol to stop addressing contestants as “dawg”, than it will be to get older Chinese to stop calling each other “comrade.” Under communism is was almost obligatory for Chinese to address each other as “comrade.”
The Berlin Wall has fallen, it’s about time that this vestige of communism finally disappear. I predict that in a few years bus drivers will be addressing passengers as “hey pal” or “listen, a-hole.”
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