Just Relax at South By Southwest-You`re Already There!

March 18, 2010 by  
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It`s mind boggling, all the hundreds of bands that are playing at South By Southwest. Unless you actually catch their act it`s hard to say which ones will appeal to you, or which ones you may care to forget about. Or maybe you could get a tip from a friend, or maybe you`ve  heard a fraction of one of their records one time.

And it`s hard to wrap your mind around these events by reading the Austin Chronicle. There`s just too much information in there-your mind goes White Lightening-head is fried from the teeny print. Let`s see, The Goosebumps from New Zealand, with electric banjo that do Men At Work covers in their pajamas while standing on their heads. Just funning…The bottom line is there are some terrific acts out there, if you know where to find them?

A few that I know for sure that I would recommend are: Danny Barnes (Pizza Box is a masterpiece!), The Ruby Suns and Olof Arnalds. I`ll let you find the time and place. The best thing to do is just relax and have fun and experience new bands. Open yourself up to what they are offerings, a primo band already in your face FRIENDO! Forget about the next cool scene, your already here with me! Get Eastern for a change…

Danny Barnes` Pizza Box-“It Ain`t No Different than the Caveman Times!”

February 23, 2010 by  
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You`re in for a treat if you have the good sense to pick up Danny Barnes` Pizza Box. Bluegrass/punk sagas told against banjo pickin` and manly drums. This line has been quoted often, but for good reason: “With her hair in a bun, hand on a gun, we made love with the radio on,” from TSA. I can just imagine Bonny Parker in that role. Broken Clock is straight up C & W twang. “I work hard to put the jewelry on her finger. I`m makin` payments on a car that she stills drives.” Confronts the problem of credit card debt.

Caveman is my favorite so far. Upbeat with nice harmonies and rippling banjo steamin` through. Danny sings it with a Texas twang. The theme that modern times are the same as caveman times is one that rings true for me. Pizza Box is on the ATO label which is Dave Matthews label. Danny lives in the Pacific Northwest now. Don`t know when he left Austin? Good honest American music. Pizza Box will get wings and fly! Download to ipod before it`s too late…