“You Always Hurt the One You Love”-A ‘Blue Valentine’ Moment

January 18, 2011 by  
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On Sunday I saw Blue Valentine, and was really getting into it. Didn`t read any reviews beforehand, and that was a smart move. It`s been very cold and rainy, really miserable here in Austin, so I was getting chronic cabin fever. Blue Valentine helped fill the void, once I got the projectionist to adjust the sound, which was so loud, it was distorting on the previews. *(This is too bad, since I love to view the previews for a good catch, film wise, down the road).

Yesterday I got down to the gritty business of reading some reviews, to see whether I was on the same page as the Big Boys. Some of them were ripping this film apart to shreds, but I don`t know why actually? Rotten Tomatoes gives it an 88 for critics and an 83 for the audience. I would fall somewhere in this rage, I should think. Let me back up a little, and say many of these critics were writing a positive review, but it was somewhat hard to tell, since they qualified it so much.

My favorite attribute of Blue Valentine is the flashbacks, which come frequently and unexpectedly, filling in tiny details about how and why this misbegotten couple got where they did (a sour place) in their relationship. The Future Room scene defines what that is. My defense of the organic nature of the flashbacks is: does your reverie come about for particularly logical reasons? My doesn`t. Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling nailed these roles of an ill-fitting couple who had a few bright moments.

The center of the film is the romantic scene where Dean plays his ukulele to the tune You Always Hurt the One You Love, while Cindy soft-shoes a rare moment of bliss. The remainder of scenes are built around this one, the Blue Valentine moment! For a moment there, I fancied Dean breaking into Tiptoe Through the Tulips….