Old Man Stabs Neighbor: His Dog Was Bothering His Kittens

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“San Diego police said a fight that ended with a man stabbed in the stomach began as a dispute about pets.

Police said Eugene McFarland, 74, argued Friday with his 64-year-old neighbor, whose name was not released, because he felt the neighbor’s dog was bothering his kittens, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported Monday.

Investigators allege McFarland struck the victim in the head with a broomstick about 9:35 p.m., went home to retrieve a knife and then stabbed the other man in the stomach.


If the old coot had kept his kittens inside his house where they belong, his neighbor’s dog would have been unable to bother them. Cats, especially kittens, should be kept indoors, there are too many perils for cats outside.

The creepy old man wasn’t content to hit his neighbor upside his head with a broomstick, he went home to get a knife and then stabbed him in the stomach. This is pre-meditated attempted murder, and the old goat should be locked up for the rest of his life.

If the decrepit old man really cared about his kittens, he wouldn’t have resorted to violence. Who’s going to take care of the kittens now?

Winter Jacket Saves Tiny Dog From Owl

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“George Kalomiris said he was walking the 4-pound dog, Chico, in the early hours Wednesday in Crystal Lake when the owl swooped out of the darkness and tried to grab the canine, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Tuesday.

However, Kalomiris said the owl could not get a good grip on Chico because of the dog’s puffy winter jacket. He said the dog suffered scratches to his head and a puncture wound, but quickly recovered from the injuries.”


Forcing a dog or a cat to wear clothes, even in the winter, makes as much sense as using sponges instead of buns for your hamburger.

Whenever I see a person walking a dog with a sweater or a silly hat, I feel sorry for the poor creature and anger at the owner.

However in this case the tiny dog’s winter jacket undoubtedly saved his life. Chico’s pride may be offended by having to wear a silly coat, but thank goodness he suffered only minor wounds.

Hot Fad In Russia: Clothes For Dogs

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“WHILE Russia’s two-legged population feels the financial pinch, designer lines from sportswear to mink coats, evening gowns to bootees are being snapped up … for the nation’s dogs.”


I’m a dog lover, and I pamper my pooches, Mandy and Midnite. They live the life of Riley, dining on hamburger meat and gobbling bacon strips for snacks. The other day my friend demonstrated how she trained her pooch to sit by offering her a treat after she responded to her command. Mandy would turn her nose at a dog biscuit, and she wouldn’t obey my command to sit unless the reward was a seven-course meal.

I can understand pet lovers feeding their canine companions filet mignon, but I will never condone a pet owner putting clothes on a dog. An Easter bonnet on a cat, maybe. But a dog is a noble creature, and he should never be subjected to ridicule.

The only article of clothing that a dog should ever wear is a scarf, period! If a dog is caught wearing anything other than a scarf he should be picked up by the animal control officer or arrested by the fashion police.

Russia is an economic basket case, and most Russians can barely afford to pay for rent, electricity and vodka. I’m stunned to discover that they are snapping up jewel-encrusted collars and mink sweaters for their hounds.

Designer clothes for dogs is for the dogs. Let me rephrase that: Doggone it, if you love your pooch don’t ever buy him any clothes.