Early MTV and Duran Duran`s “Hungry Like The Wolf”

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In touch with the ground
I`m on the hunt I`m after you
Smell like I sound I`m lost in a crowd.
And I`m hungry like the wolf.
Straddle the line in discord and rhyme.
I`m on the hunt I`m after you.
Mouth is alive with juices like wine
And I`m hungry like the wolf.

Diane Downs loved MTV. Her favorite video was Hungry Like The Wolf by the New Wave band Duran Duran. When detectives searched her car after the shooting they found a cassette tape in the player, it was the 1982 album Rio by Duran Duran. The song Hungry Like The Wolves made it big in the states when MTV constantly rotated that video in the spring of 1982.

I will link you chapter 2 of the movie made for TV, Small Sacrifices, starring the late and great *(and beautiful, I might add) Farrah Fawcett. Diane`s story is that a “shaggy haired stranger” tried to jack her car and shot her 3 kids while in the process of doing it. Oh, he also shot Diane in the arm. In the TV film Hungry Like The Wolf is playing as Diane tells the detectives her strange tale.

Even though the keys were out of the car, Diane recalled hearing the song during the shooting. This helped nab her. Perhaps Diane thought the lyrics were about Lew Lewiston, her ex-boyfriend, stalking her? Can`t say for sure. So much for the early days of MTV. Program a mad-woman and turn her into a Zombie-Machine-To-Kill! *(P.S. Be On The Look Out for my new piece on the SOP.org and Newsblaze this weekend: Small Sacrifices-Hungry Like The Wolf!)