Save The Earth: Eat Bugs Instead Of Burgers

January 20, 2011 by  
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“All you need to do to save the rainforest, improve your diet, better your health, cut global carbon emissions and slash your food budget is eat bugs.

Mealworm quiche, grasshopper springrolls and cuisine made from other creepy crawlies is the answer to the global food crisis, shrinking land and water resources and climate-changing carbon emissions, Dutch scientist Arnold van Huis says.

The professor at Wageningen University in the Netherlands said insects have more protein than cattle per bite, cost less to raise, consume less water and don’t have much of a carbon footprint. He even has plans for a cookbook to make bug food a more appetising prospect for mature palates.”


I don’t mind riding a bike instead of driving my car on short trips, and I recycle paper and plastic, but I draw the line at eating bugs to save the Earth.

I don’t care if a grasshopper has more protein than a Big Mac, insects are for rodents and for people in developing countries who don’t have McDonald’s.

The  nutty professor is fighting a losing battle, his cookbook isn’t going to make bug food more appetizing. Even if I were in a deserted island where the only things to eat were bugs I’d rather starve to death than munch on insects.