Driver Strikes Elk, Carves Portion Of Meat From Injured Animal

June 24, 2010 by  
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“A Swedish driver who struck an elk, expertly but illegally carved a portion of meat from the animal that may not yet have been dead, officials said.

The driver was in violation of a law requiring motorists who, when they’ve collided with game, must tell police, who in turn inform a local hunter responsible for tracking down the animal to end its suffering, The Local reported Wednesday.
“To violate game in this way in unprecedented. I am lost for words,” said Mikael Lundin, a hunter who tracks down injured animals. “This is a case of very low moral fiber, of butchery and pure theft.”
When you strike a deer or an elk the legal and ethically correct thing to do is to notify the authorities so they can put the poor creature out of his misery.
This monster not only failed to call the police, but he carved a portion of meat from the injured animal. Words fail to convey the magnitude of this man’s evil nature.
If this man is caught he should be prosecuted for theft, and animal cruelty. If anybody observed this man’s crime I hope they notify the police, this guy needs to pay for his crime.