How ‘The Hunger Games’ Exposes The Necessary Evil Of Celebrity – Bustle

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How 'The Hunger Games' Exposes The Necessary Evil Of Celebrity
The Hunger Games saga is about many things. It's a love story, a war story, a science-fiction saga about a dystopian future, a coming of age story, etc. But The Hunger Games is also a story about celebrity. The second Katniss volunteers as a District
Liam Hemsworth Carried Jennifer Lawrence's Purse on the Great Wall of ChinaPOPSUGAR

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No Brainer! Nick Cave`s Grinderman 2 Is Record Of The Year for 2010!

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I asked an employee at Waterloo Records what her favorite release was for 2010? When left to my own devices, I tend to drift my way back to Classic Rock or to the sundry myriad of Golden Oldies that populate our Yesteryears. That may have something to do with my age? So `m aware that I must seek outside support, or impute from younger folk who keep up with the current trends of our time. This twenty-something-record-clerk told me she completely digs Nick Cave`s Grinderman 2, so I bought it.

I hadn`t heard the first one, so I was suspicious it might not measure up. I eyed the cover, a snarling wolf treading a clean marble floor. When I got home I quickly opened the record and put it on my retro-stereo and revved it up. What I heard was just what I wanted to hear, fresh, spontaneous songs that must have been stored a Genie`s bottle for three thousand years. “Cling to me baby in this rented room. Who needs the TV? You are my TV! Who needs a record player? You are my record player! O cling to me baby in this rented room!”-Evil

How do you like that? A dame as your record player. Interesting image. Avoiding excessive analysis, as in breaking down the words and sounds. It works better this way. Read Dashiel Hamett all day yesterday, looking for an open window into Nick Cave`s world. Found it, but I don`t know where or how? Favorite tune is Palace of Montezuma, a summary of 2010. “The spinal cord of JFK, Wrapped in Marilyn Monroe`s negligee, I give to you.” *(oodles of positive reviews linked for you here.)