CEO of Celebrity Cruises on leadership: ‘Don’t limit what you want to be’ – South Florida Business Journal

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South Florida Business Journal
CEO of Celebrity Cruises on leadership: 'Don't limit what you want to be'
South Florida Business Journal
Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, CEO of Celebrity Cruises, received top honors from both the South Florida Business Journal and the Commonwealth Institute (TCI) of South Florida this week. She was ranked the No. 1 leader on the Institute's list of 50 top women-led …

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The Stones` “Satisfaction” Turns 45 Today

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Just imagine for a moment that it`s the early summer of 1965. Whether you go to a neighborhood swimming pool, to your local bowling alley or are playing on your Slip-and-Slide in the backyard, you hear (I Can`t Get No) Satisfaction blaring out of your portable radio. Primarily you hear a single note guitar riff, piped through a Gibson Maestro Fuzzbox, and that`s the one and only Keith Richards plucking on the A string. Just noticed a minute ago how the guitar part is pulled up prominently in the mix.

The Stones recorded Satisfaction (album was Out of Our Heads), the first version that is, on May 10, 1965. That would be 45 years ago as of today. The version that was released, a veritable anthem of Rock, was recorded two days later, on May 12th. One thing I didn`t know, but found out this morning, is that the song was written by Keith and Mick at the Jack Tar Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida. The Stones must have been on the road, as usual.

So what`s so great about this 3’43” song anyway? Satisfaction took a slice out of pop music or yea, whacked it in two. It defined the direction pop music would take for the remaining years of the 1960s. Suddenly Folk and Pop were out, Hard Rock was in! Rebellion was in! Defiance was in! The fuzzbox sound of Keith Richards was saying FOOK YOU DADDY-O! Don`t need your starched white shirts no more. *(sources-Wiki and ABC News-‘(I Can`t Get No) Satisfaction,’ 45 Years Later-by Michael Murray-May 6, 2010)