The Grand Wazoo – “And Who Were Those Poots In the Back Seat of Calvin`s Car?”

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A few impressions here. One, you can get Frank Zappa classic titles at Waterloo Records here in Austin for just $6.99. These CD issues are on Rykodisc, and it looks like they were issued in 1995. Surprising these old prints are still around!I am happy to get hold of these Zappa records, since they`re not available on itunes. I have Absolutely Free, We`re Only In It For the Money, and The Grand Wazoo. I`m giving The Grand Wazoo a writhing once over this morning.

Was just checkin` out the horrible assault on Frank in London (December of 1971), where some lunatic pushed him off the stage, and Frank sustained some serious injuries and was laid up for some time. It was during this period of convalescence that The Grand Wazoo was put together. It came out in December of 1972, and was a surprise to Zappa fans in the (Freak) community. It was like a classical symphony of Stravinsky or something?

Never realized what a big part Zappa played in this Rock/Jazz fusion thing we often hear so much about. While that`s certainly true, I`m hearing some classical in there too. Lots of horns, vibes, percussion and guitars all battling it out for space. Be sure to read the linernotes carefully, where Frank explains this huge epic musical battle between Cletus` bunch and Mediocrates of Pedestrian. The battle is nicely depicted on the cover, an illustration by Cal Schenkel.

I`m linking for you the Wikipedia entry for Frank Zappa. I only hope Frank will not get too mad about this mishap.

Classic Albums: Frank Zappa – Apostrophe/Over-Nite Sensation

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You can`t find any of Frank Zappa`s classic albums on itunes. Some kind of contract agreements must be up? I don`t know…I will have to research this. However, you can find (on itunes) a documentary produced by Eagle Rock Entertainment and released on DVD on May 1, 2007. It`s title is: Classic Albums: Frank Zappa – Apostrophe/Over-Nite Sensation. These were Frank`s most popular records and were released in 1973 and 1974.

I believe I saw Frank Zappa at the Armadillo World Headquarters for this period of Apostrophe and Over-Nite Sensation. I`m going to have to look that up too. Just saw some footage of Frank doing Montana, and I could swear it`s at the Armadillo. All that`s been documented but I`ll need to do some digging to verify. Good to see Ruth Underwood again after many years.

I remember all the songs still, but it`s been many years. Excerpts of Cosmik Debris and St. Alfonzo`s Pancake Breakfast stand out (at this moment). The first part of the documentary covers his early career, including Freak Out. One scene has the riots in America, cities burning against Trouble Every Day playing in the background. There`s the Varese influence, Stravinsky, Johnny Guitar, doo-wap…writing dots on paper! How was Frank able to do all of this music writing? “Oh I went to the library.”