Frontline`s “Law and Disorder”-The Case of Henry Glover

August 27, 2010 by  
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If you haven`t seen Frontline`s Law & Disorder yet, you should certainly make a point to do so. You can watch it online and I will link it for you here (Law & Disorder). 11 civilians were shot by the New Orleans police in the days after Katrina. The Frontline special mainly reports on the case of Henry Glover, but also covers the shooting of six civilians at Danziger Bridge.

You may have to watch this several times before it will completely sink in. On the link that I`m giving you there are a number of excellent articles that will spell out for you what happened in New Orleans right after Katrina. Reporters from Frontline, The New Orleans Times-Picayune and ProPublica worked together to bring us this shocking news.

A few of the important questions addressed in Law & Disorder are: was Martial Law ever declared in New Orleans? Were the NOPD told to shoot looters once things starting getting crazy after Katrina? The New Orleans Police have a history, and much of this is documented under Timeline.

If you don`t mind getting some cold water splashed in your face, you`ll want to study up on this. I`m so in disbelief about this, that I`m focusing all the more on this. Katrina obliterated New Orleans. Once it did this, it looks like the NOPD lost it. At this point the police become the criminals. I can think of nothing as scary as this reality.